Payroll Processing Services

All of the above is charged at a single monthly fee, with no hidden costs, allowing the finance department of a company to accurately budget for the annual payroll costs.

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What we do for you

Monthly, Fortnightly, Weekly Processing

Once we have processed your payroll, several reports are produced by our system.

Standard Financial Reports produced by our System

These reports are just a few basic services offered by iData. We produce many other reports that are more specific to client needs. If by any chance our system cannot produce a client specific report that caters to your payroll needs, our engineering department will develop one specifically for you.

EFT transfers into employee bank accounts

Once we have processed your payroll and submitted the results to you, you can simply transfer the net total to us. It’s a single EFT from your bank to iData. We then to all the individual ETFs into your employee’s bank accounts, regardless of what bank they are with. All salaries/wages will be in all your employees bank accounts on payday. Consider the savings in bank charges to you.

Reconciliation and Payment of all Third Party Accounts

All Third Party contributions are reconciled and paid over. Similarly to how we pay your employees, you transfer a single amount to us and we pay the individual contributions to the various institutions. Examples of these are as follows:

Confidential Payslips

iData produces laser-printed, sealed, confidential payslips for your employees. These will be delivered to ensure that your employees receive their payslips on pay-day. Alternatively, electronic payslips can also be produced and emailed directly to each employee. These would be encrypted and password protected to ensure confidentiality.

Tax Year End Processing

IRP5 Monthly Reconciliation & Certificates at year end
Electronic file to SARS at Year end